Guysborough County Adult Learning Association

GALA Staff 2018

GALA Staff

Grail Sangster - Exective Director (front right)

Donna Casey - ALI (back center)

Ray Carrigan - ALI (front left)

John Cleary - ALI (back right)

Louise Sutherland - ALI (back left)

ALI:  Adult Learning Instructor

GALA Directors

Edmund LeBlanc - Retired Educator - Chairperson

Barry Potter - Retired Appl. Analyst - Vice Chairperson

Reverend Heather Manuel - Secretary/Treasurer

Rob Haywood - Adult Learner Rep. - Director

Donna Hochman - Nova Scotia Works Rep. - Director

Elizabeth MacIntosh - Schools Plus Facilitator - Director

Rickey McLaren - Municipality of the District of Guysborough - Director

Sandra Potter - Retired Accounting Clerk - Director

David Simpson - Sergeant RCMP - Director

Kaytland Smith - Municipality of the District of St. Mary's - Director

Grail Sangster - GALA Exec. Dir. - Non-Voting