Guysborough County Adult Learning Association

GALA Staff 2018

About GALA

A Brief History

The Guysborough County Adult Learning Association (GALA) was formed in 1989. GALA has been registered with the Nova Scotia Joint Stock Companies as a non-profit organization since August 1991, and has been approved as a registered charitable organization. There is a board of directors made up of community and agency representatives. Board meetings are held regularly and there is an Annual General Meeting each year.

There is an executive director in place to assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations and administrative activities of the organization's projects and projects. Two to four additional staff deliver program and project activities. A volunteer treasurer has been appointed to work with the executive director to carry out the financial requirements of the projects and to do the banking for the organization. Regular reports are submitted to the board of directors.

GALA coordinates and delivers Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning projects in communities throughout Guysborough County. There is continuous intake and flexible program scheduling. Alternate programming is offered to individuals who cannot access the projects because of the rural distance factor. GALA works with seniors and families to foster continuous lifelong learning. The organization networks with other community groups whenever possible to improve services.


The Guysborough County Adult Learning Association will work with adults who want to improve their reading, writing, and math skills so that they can participate more fully in their home, workplace and community. The objectives are: