Guysborough County Adult Learning Association

Seniors Literacy

GALA provides projects to:

GALA follows the provincial government's guidelines for Positive Aging to help seniors enhance and maintain their essential skills.

Nova Scotia's Positive Aging Goals

  1. Celebrating Seniors - Nova Scotians value seniors and celebrate their lifelong contributions.
  2. Financial Security - Secure and sufficient income provides an adequate standard of living for seniors.
  3. Health and Well-Being - A range of supports and services enables seniors to optimize their health and well-being.
  4. Maximizing Independence - Seniors enjoy maximum independence with support from family, friends, community and government.
  5. Housing Options - Affordable, accessible, safe and supportive housing options are available to seniors.
  6. Transportation - Affordable, safe and accessible transportation options are available to seniors.
  7. Respecting Diversity - Nova Scotians recognize, respect and respond positively to seniors in all their diversity.
  8. Employment and Life Transitions - Workplaces support and encourage the participation, health, lifelong learning and volunteer activities of older workers.
  9. Supportive Communities - Seniors have opportunities for personal growth, lifelong learning, and community participation in safe and supportive environments.