Guysborough County Adult Learning Association

Past Projects


Adult Learning Program that combines academics, life skills and job related skills.

A Community Scrapbook

GALA will work with the newly formed Rocky Shores Seniors by meeting regularly to gather and share photos and stories from the past, organize the photos and stories and produce a community scrapbook for display in the community centre.

A Teaching & Learning Calendar (TLC) Project

We propose to develop a digital family literacy calendar that will highlight participants in past family literacy activities and will promote the importance of lifelong learning. This calendar model will have a practical use in family homes and in adult learning and family literacy projects and will promote the importance of family literacy.


The Raise-a-Reader Grants are administered by Literacy Nova Scotia in partnership with The Chronicle Herald. The purpose of the grants is to enhance the work of existing projects that support children and their parents and caregivers. The focus of the grants is on developing the literacy skills of families.

GALA/Shamrock Nutrition Project

Plan a series of menus which would be prepared by groups of seniors, with a focus on healthy eating and certain health issues.

PLAYS (Prioritizing Learning and Youthful Seniors)

GALA will work with the Seniors Along the Bay Club to explore reading, writing, and producing dramatic plays. We will work with this seniors group to increase club participation, be more visible in the community, and to be recognized as a place where seniors can learn new things, make new friends, reduce isolation, have fun, and improve their well being.

SPEEDY Families (Special Program to Educate, Entertain, and Develop Young Families)

GALA will provide an educational and entertaining program for parents of school age children by combining L-II curriculum activities with technology. Exciting, interactive Communications activities will be distributed by hand to families in our projects and will be posted on line for others who are having limited success with ALP participation and who indicate that they need family literacy services. Families will make inquiries about the activities and additional support will be provided through provision of resources, demonstrations, and additional teaching.

FACES (Families Adding Culture to Essential Skills)

GALA will conduct research to gather and organize information that has cultural relevance for Guysborough County's family literacy program participants. We will develop an activity model, and pilot the model with families currently enrolled in adult learning and family literacy projects.

PGI Technology Grant

GALA will support adult learners and establish a computer lab and technology.

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