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Why Do People Need GALA?

  • To improve basic skills such as technology, reading, writing and math.
  • To repeat and review these basic skills, without specific timelines until the learner is confident that they have learned them.
  • To develop an individualized schedule and a pace for learning that is suited to the individual’s needs.
  • To prepare to enter higher level projects such as Nova Scotia Community College.
  • To increase work skills and be more competitive for job searching.
  • To prepare to write the GED.
  • To have a flexible program that allows the learner time to develop a system for attending classes, arranging transportation and childcare.
  • To help strengthen study habits
  • To help research topics of special interest in one’s own life.
  • To build self-confidence.
  • To carry out a Return to Work Action Plan.
  • To increase networking opportunities with other learners, service providers and community groups. 
  • To support development of personal financial budgeting and improve skills in day-to day money matters.
  • To help find out about other government services.
  • To keep abreast of new training opportunities
  • To interact with other people with similar interests and life situations
  • To be supported to provide the best possible learning opportunities for their children.
  • To improve quality of life for themselves and their families.

Why Do People Choose NOT To Come To GALA?

  • Many learners say it is a lack of self-confidence that prevents them and people they know from enrolling in GALA projects.

  • People perceive difficulty in balancing work schedules and family responsibilities with a program. They don’t realize that part-time programming is available and our projects can work around shift and seasonal work.

  • The costs of transportation and access to a car are difficult.

  • Childcare isn’t always available.

  • Families aren’t always supportive. They don’t view GALA projects as an important and necessary step toward financial independence.

  • Many people think that we just offer support to write the GED and nothing else.

  • Sometimes adults don’t realize how low their skills are. They have always been able to earn a living and assume that they will always be able to continue with their present level of skills.

  • Some people just don’t know we exist. They either don’t read our ads or don’t understand them.

  • Negative previous experiences can haunt adults many years later. Some have a very real fear of learning situations. Some adults have had very bad high school experiences and  others have been unsuccessful in other projects that weren’t suited to them.

  • Some adults cite embarrassment at their lack of skills. They are afraid that they won’t be able to keep up with others in the group.

  • Many potential learners do not understand that the fears and misconception around learning are not unique to them. Learners who do enroll are often very surprised to find their friends and neighbors are already in the program and have/had similar insecurities about enrolling.

For more information on the many projects that the Guysborough County Adult Learning Association has to offer in your community phone us at 533-4252.

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